Goodell Doesn’t Think Football Collisions Cause Brain Damage


The concussion issue is far more important than Taylor Swift attending Chiefs’ games.

There is an awful lot of silliness expressed by so-called journalists, and in social media about Taylor Swift and how she is somehow becoming a major problem for some NFL devotees. It is madness because she is simply watching a game involving her boyfriend. The devotees who apparently have a lot of time on their hands thinking about how Taylor Swift’s presence is ruining their enjoyment of football should actually be paying attention to a real problem. The National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell still sees no link in people getting their heads bashed in playing the game and getting concussions and suffering long term brain damage. Front Office Sports was able to get ahold of a transcript from a July 2022 deposition relating to a lawsuit against the National Football League about a head injury settlement. Goodell simply doesn’t think there is any brain injury problem caused by getting hit near the head.

But according to the NFL Commissioner, the media, newspapers, websites, talk radio and sports TV networks are the ones to blame for keeping the concussion issue alive. Goodell said in the deposition that “they misstate, they misrepresent things, and when they do that, they add to a narrative that I think is unfair and unfounded.” Goodell just doesn’t believe playing football can cause brain damage. “I think there’s still a great deal of uncertainty about the causation issue, if that’s what you’re referring to. “We all know there’s risks with playing football and other sports. There’s risks to walking down the street.” A handful of one-time players have committed suicide because they had problems functioning and a good number of former players don’t health insurance and are on the Medicaid rolls. The NFL tried some damage control by releasing a statement claiming player health and safety is a top priority of the NFL.

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