Kentucky Ready To Start Sports Gambling


The commonwealth wants to be up and running by the NFL season opener.

National Football League training camps have opened and while the players toil underneath the broiling sun, some of the league’s most ardent fans are studying rosters, listening to betting shows and getting ready to put down money in a variety of bets in anticipation for the preseason and regular season. Kentucky will not be ready to roll out its sports betting apparatus for the pre-season. Legalized sports betting did start on June 28th but the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is still setting up rules and regulations. The hope is that Kentucky will begin sports gambling by the NFL’s opener on September 7th with the Detroit at Kansas City game. Kentucky residents will wager on a sportsbook app that is affiliated with one of the state’s nine horse racing licenses or wager in-person at one of the tracks or a satellite facility of the track.

Kentucky is the 37th state with legalized sports gambling. Washington, D. C. also allows sports gambling. United States territories that have sports gambling include Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. There are no United States Virgin Islands sportsbooks but bettors can use international online sports betting websites. Two of the biggest states population wise do not have sports gambling. California and Texas. It was in 2011 that New Jersey voters said yes to legalized sports gambling in the state. It was in 2011 that the NFL fought New Jersey voters’ wishes and got courts to block the establishment of a sportsbook in the state. But in 2018, the NFL battle with New Jersey ended. The Supreme Court of the United States’ overturned the 1992 legislation that banned legalized sports gambling in 46 states, US territories and the District of Columbia. The ruling changed sports owners betting views. NFL owners who fought sports betting now see it as a revenue generator.

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