Most Important Sports Events In Florida For 2024

Messi sparkles again on free kick with tying goal, Inter Miami beats FC Dallas in shootout

Most Important Sports Events In Florida For 2024

The Sunshine State is beyond sunkissed beaches and entertainment destinations. Many parts of Florida are also famous for hosting various sports events year-round. The state has a deeply ingrained sports history. That said, Florida is home to several professional sports teams and events.

Hence, sports fanatics will love planning a trip around upcoming sporting events in the Sunshine State. Here’s the list of Florida’s top sporting leagues you can enjoy in 2024.


Floridians’ love for basketball is unmatchable. The Sunshine State hosts many college basketball games throughout the year.

This year, fans can watch NBA team Orlando Magic’s game against the Houston Rockets. However, you have to wait for a long. The 2023/24 season will kick off on October 25. So keep your patience.

Miami Heat is another basketball team with a huge fan following. Watching one of the most successful teams playing a matchup live in Miami’s Kaseya Center will definitely be worth it.


When in Florida, you can’t give America’s official sports a miss. Make your summer evening special by watching the upcoming MLB game around the stunning Cuban culture of Tampa.

The MLB season 2023/24 will occur around the Easter holiday. So enjoy the season of the year with the locals while relishing hotdogs and cheering for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The first home matchup against the Toronto Blue Jays will be on March 28. Besides, the Rays will also face the big teams of the league. You can watch Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles in June and Tampa Bay Rays vs. the New York Yankees in July 2024. Many Florida online casinos are also providing bet options on these matchups. Betting lovers can enjoy the live action with a chance to earn a few bucks!


The sheer speed and intensity of NASCAR racing events attract a worldwide audience. The Daytona 500 is one of NASCAR’s most famous adrenaline-fueled sporting events.

Reaching the venue is also not a hurdle for fans. Daytona International Speedway is less than an hour’s drive from Orlando.

Usually, the race league starts around the third Sunday in February. This year, you can watch the event on February 18, 2024. So, make your half-term Florida holiday an immersive experience by adding the 500-mile-long motor car race event to your bucket list!

Fans can also enjoy the thrill of a NASCAR rig by visiting one of the NASCAR driving schools.


For Floridians, football is an intrinsic part of their culture. The scenes become electric and vibrant in the state during football season. So, watching a match in the hub will be another worldly experience for football lovers.

Miami Dolphins is already making headlines with its recent win against the Dallas Cowboys. The team clinched its spot in the NFL 2024 playoffs with this victory. The team’s playoff game will be with the Buffalo Bills at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

There are also many major college football teams, like the Florida State Seminoles and the University of Florida Gators. The schedule for the upcoming football league is already out. The state will host several home games back-to-back from August 31, 2024.

You can attend one of the college football matchups during your trip to Florida. Cheer for any home team with locals and create a lifetime memory.

Horse Racing

Florida is also a go-to destination for horse racing lovers. The Sunshine State boasts multiple world-class racetracks, which ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone.

You can visit Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach to watch one of the most renowned horse racing events – the Florida Derby. This racetrack also has a plethora of entertainment and dining options. The state will host this racing event on March 30, 2024. So save the date!

Besides, there’s the Winter Equestrian Festival 2024 between January 3 to March 31. The longest-running racing event features worldwide athletes of all skill levels. If you plan a trip around this period, don’t forget to watch one of the races in Wellington, Florida.

Next, you can enjoy the thrilling Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This thoroughbred horse race track also has a casino, entertainment facilities, suites, luxury dining spaces, and shopping stores. Undoubtedly, a trip to this sports location will be one memorable day.


1. What is the most famous sport in Florida?

Football is a king of games in Florida. The state has a rich football history and a massive fanbase. Thus, the game also has a cultural significance for Floridians.

2. How many sports are in Florida?

Florida has made its presence prominently in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse races, and golf games. There are also many minor league teams representing the state in other sports.

3. What sports are in Orlando, Florida?

Orlando hosts several professional sports events throughout the year. It includes the NCAA regular season football games, NBA (Orlando Magic), MLS (Orlando City Lions), NWSL (Orlando Pride), ECHL (Orlando Solar Bears), and televised bowl games.

4. Which professional sports teams are available in Miami, Florida?

The Miami city is famous for its football team (Miami Dolphins), basketball team (Miami Heat), and baseball team (Miami Marlins).

Wrap Up

Hands down, Florida is a paradise for sports fanatics. Its sports culture brings people together to cheer for their favorite teams and players.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just planning a fun day out, Florida’s sporting events are something you can’t overlook. The Sunshine State’s all-year-round warm climate creates a perfect outdoor sports ambiance.