Tonight is Pride Night at the Rays game Rangers showdown this evening at The Trop. The Rays organization is doing the right thing with the celebration.


Tampa Bay Rays fans can Celebrate Pride at Tropicana Field when they take on the Texas Rangers tonight at the Trop. This is a very important day for both the Tampa Bay Rays, St. Petersburg, the state of Florida and Major League Baseball.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida who has been in battles with Disney over the so called “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” that has made the Sunshine State a national focus over LGBTQ+ rights. So, tonight needs to go off without an incident and have a show of tolerance.

The Rays have invited retired MLB umpire Dale Scott — who is gay — to throw out the first pitch and he’ll be signing copies of his excellent autobiography “The Umpire Is Out” at The Trop. It is a chance to make up for the five Rays pitchers refused to wear the pride arm patch on their jersey’s and it made for a national news story for all the wrong reasons. Note to any players this season who are not on board with being part of the celebration that is your right, but the best way to handle it might be by a short statement and allow me to draft it for you free of charge.

“We would like to say that tonight due to our beliefs that we can’t be part of tonight’s celebrate pride. That said we are happy that we have such a loyal fan base and hope that everyone enjoys what we hope is another win in front of the best fans in all of baseball.”

Note to the Rays players fans help pay your salaries they are very important to you. No one expects or for that matter wants you to support a cause you don’t believe in.

But when you put on the uniform of the Tampa Bay Rays you represent the community, ALL of the community, so if you do not support Pride Month, that is fine and is your right. However, at least be respectful f the fans who come to the games, cheer you on and buy your merch.

The Rays ownership and front office are doing the right thing by making sure they celebrate pride month and you all are an outstanding group of players who are playing the best baseball in all of Major League Baseball. Go out and show ALL of your fans that your fans yu appreciate you.