Top Ten Draft Prospects Most Likely To Land With The Buccaneers

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown (81) runs along side running back LeSean McCoy (25) during an NFL football practice Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

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We are officially ten days away from the NFL draft! In a week and a half from now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be adding their next wave of franchise defining players. It is an exciting time for both the fans and front office alike.

By now, we know most of the names linked to the Bucs and why they make sense. At this point, we are whittling down who makes sense to who will be wearing pewter and red in ten days from now. This process is that much more difficult.

So in honor of breaking into single digit days away from draft time, I decided to celebrate ten of my own. Ten players who are not just linked to the team, but that I believe are most likely to be on the team. These are my top ten players most likely to be Buccaneers following the NFL draft. 

Jackson Powers-Johnson

This is my odds on favorite to be the Bucs first round pick. He just makes too much sense from a talent and a need perspective.Adding this physical penance to the offensive line instantly changes the identity of the interior and improves both the running and passing attack. 

Ruke Orhorhoro

There is a need for the Buccaneers to add another defensive lineman in this draft. Licht and Bowles have said they need to add a pass rusher, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the edge. Orhorhoro is a very high upside pass rusher and can be a disruptive run defender. 

Mikey Sainristil

One of the smartest defensive backs in the draft as well as one of the best playmakers. Sainristil was one of the leaders on the Michigan national championship defense and one of the best players on that team. He might slide some because he is more of a nickel defender than an outside corner, but he’s an excellent player who has visited the Bucs.

Ja’Lynn Polk

The Bucs need to solidify the future of their wide receiver position. With Chris Godwin going into the last year of his deal, they need a future replacement who can also contribute this season. Polk Can play outside, but also projects very well to the slot in this McVay style offense that features slot receivers. 

Dom Puni

If there was a day two lineman who I would like to the Bucs then it would be Puni. He has all the traits of a Jason Licht guy; a college tackle who has length and can move very well at his size. He very much reminds me of the type of player that Cody Mauch was last year, but playing at a much higher level of college football.

Cedric Gray

Not many linebackers impress me or make sense for the Bucs in the early to middle rounds of the draft. However, Gray stands out as the perfect guy to take the torch from Lavonte David whenever he is ready to hand up the pads. Gray is very fast and projects well as a well coverage linebacker in the NFL.

Jalen McMillian

McMillan is a monster to cover out of the slot. He shined at Washington where they featured a high flying passing offense. He could step right in as a rookie and fill the Puka Nacua role that the Rams offense features. Dare I say that he could find similar success as a rookie.

MarShawn Lloyd

The Bucs need a between the tackles runner who can pick up tough yards. Lloyd can be that player for them. He is a north and south runner who wants to plant his foot in the ground and go. At 5’8 and 220 lbs, he is the type of bowling ball runner that the Buccaneers currently lack.

Marshawn Kneeland

Assuming the Bucs don’t land one of the premiere edge rushers in the first round, Kneeland seems like the most likely option they will go after. He brings above average size to the position, while still maintaining good athletic ability. They met with him formally at the combine and on a top 30 visit, so there is definitely a connection here.

Kris Abrams-Draine

If the Buccaneers can’t get the top nickel defender like Cooper DeJean or Mikey Sainristil, Abrams-Draine is the next best option. He was one of the standouts on a Missouri defense that led the team to their best season in a long time. He can come in as a rookie and upgrade the coverage from their nickel position.

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