Why Would A Combined XFL And USFL Want The United Football League Name?


The United Football League was a failure.

Should the XFL and the United States Football League merge operations, there could be a new name of the combined entity. The people running the XFL have applied for a trademark with a rather odd name should the businesses marry. The United Football League. The name itself is not bad but the proposed business could take on the moniker of a failed football league. The United Football League started on field operations in 2009 and meandered on a road to a rather slow death. The UFL struggled to put four teams on the field in 2009 but came back in 2010 and had five teams. The league suspended operations in 2013 with a promise to return. The people who were still backing the UFL abandoned the league and team trademarks by 2017, when Vince McMahon filed a trademark on the United Football League name for his proposed spring football league. In 2018, McMahon announced his business would be called the XFL, the brand that was used by McMahon’s defunct football league that played one season in 2001. McMahon’s second version of the XFL debuted in February 2020 and shut down because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in March of that year. On April 13th, 2020 the second XFL filed for bankruptcy. RedBird Capital Partners, a group that includes the wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock, purchased the XFL for $15 million.

RedBird Capital Partners’ XFL put a product on the field in 2023. The two spring leagues, the XFL and USFL, announced plans to merge on September 28th, 2023. RedBird Capital Partners and the XFL could be facing a battle for the name. A new United Football League may be attempting to put a product featuring 14 teams before the public starting in February 2024. The saga of spring football continues.

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