It Is Opening Day In Seoul South Korea For MLB

(AP Photo/Derrick Tuskan)
(AP Photo/Derrick Tuskan)

MLB wants to add South Korean wons for its coffers.

It is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. But there is no traditional opener in Cincinnati anymore nor is there the Presidential opener in Washington, D. C., where the President of the United States threw the ceremonial first pitch of the season. Major League Baseball has left behind the traditional openers and has been taking “The Show” on the road for decades. MLB went overseas for the first time for an Opening Day on March 29th, 2000, when the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs played in Tokyo, Japan. Major League Baseball stayed in North America for the 1999 opener as the Colorado Rockies played the San Diego Padres in Monterrey, Mexico. At that time, Monterrey, Mexico was viewed as a possible future MLB market with a team placed in the city through relocation or expansion.    

Major League Baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association decided to branch out because there is money to be made in overseas markets. Sure, there is revenue from a two-game series the games may end but the merchandise as it could be sold to locals complete with Major League Baseball and team logos. It is an easy way to get yen or euros and there could be television money sent MLB’s way. The Los Angeles Dodgers will play the San Diego Padres in the opening series of the 2024 Major League Baseball season in Seoul, South Korea. The Dodgers-Padres games will be the first ever regular season games held in South Korea. The South Korean market is not opening a new venue for MLB. South Korea has its own baseball league and has sent players to Major League Baseball. As part of the last MLB-players collective bargaining agreement, in an attempt to grow the business, MLB will stage games in Mexico City, Mexico and London, England later this year chasing money.

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