Dallas Mayor To Kansas City Chiefs’ Owner Come Home


It is highly unlikely that Clark Hunt will move his team to Dallas in the near future.

Dallas, Texas Mayor Eric Johnson is again suggesting that his city should have a second National Football League franchise and thinks that Clark Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs NFL team should return home to Dallas. Hunt’s father Lamar decided after the 1962 season that his American Football League franchise could not compete with the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys franchise and moved the business to Kansas City in 1963. Initially Hunt’s Dallas Texans’ franchise did well in competition with the NFL’s Cowboys but Hunt decided it was time to move on. On April 2nd, Jackson County, Missouri voters decided not to extend a local sales tax that would have been earmarked for a renovation of Hunt’s present Kansas City venue and also used to build a stadium village for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals franchise owner John Sherman. Johnson seized on an opportunity to capitalize on the voters saying no by inviting Clark Hunt to look at his business’s history.

Johnson went on social media and wrote. “Welcome home, Dallas Texans!” As part of his message he referenced the city’s Cotton Bowl stadium which is getting a $140 million facelift. There are obstacles though. Hunt has many years left on his lease with Jackson County, Missouri to use the county’s football venue. There will be negotiations with the Kansas City area politicians about putting money into the present facility or building another facility somewhere in the Kansas City market. The Dallas Cowboys franchise owner Jerry Jones does not want any competition in the market. Where would the funding to build a third Dallas area football facility come from? In 2022, Johnson noted that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex was about ready to pass Chicago to become the third largest market in America and should have two NFL teams. NFL owners were not impressed.

AFL founder and Dallas Texans owner Lamar Hunt, Texans-Chiefs coach Hank Stram and NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle

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