Thursday, January 20, 2022

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The NHL Has A Big COVID-19 Problem

Three teams have been sidelined, arena restrictions mandates have been issued in Canada. The National Hockey League has a COVID-19 problem. Local governments in Ontario...

The Hockey Business Has Serious COVID-19 Problems

COVID-19 has not left the building. National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman would like to see his business’s product, games, start on January 1st....

Is There A New Interest By Major League Sports In Canada?

When the COVID spread stops, Canada may be attractive. There were reports that Arizona Diamondbacks ownership checked out Vancouver, British Columbia’s stadium in case it...

It Is Unlikely Canada Will Be Open For Sports Before July

Canada Day, July 1 Might Be A Target The news out of the Canadian capital of Ottawa was not good for Major League Baseball, the...

The NHL Is In Good Shape At The All Star Break 

Financially things seem to be good. The National Hockey League is about halfway through its regular season at the All-Star Game break. St. Louis is...
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There Still Is No New Arena Plan In Ottawa

No arena movement in Ottawa. The National Capital Commission seems to have some sort of plan to develop Ottawa’s LeBreton Flats but there is...

Ottawa Planners Still Hoping To Get Melnyk To Move His Senators...

Nothing much is happening now. Sometime in November, the National Capital Commission is going to release its plan to develop Ottawa’s LeBreton Flats. That is...

Gary Bettman’s Summer Of Content

It has been a good summer. For National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, the Summer of 2019 has been his summer of content....

It’s Party Time For The National Hockey League

The corporate bazaar.   The National Hockey League is throwing a midseason party. It is called the All Star Game but it little more than a...

Calgary 2026 Winter Olympics Cost? More Than $5 Billion

The International Olympic Committee hierarchy probably is not looking forward to a Calgary referendum on November 13. The IOC should fear the November 13 vote, even if the results are non-binding.