Artificial Intelligence produces the ultimate Wimbledon Ladies’ champion – using the best attributes of all previous winners


Williams sisters, Graf and King all part of the make-up of the ideal All-England player but Evert, Court and Kvitova fail to make the grade

Washington Kastles Leander Paes holds up last years WTT MVP Martina Hingis and the duo hope to win another title

Artificial Intelligence has crushed the numbers to produce the perfect Wimbledon Ladies’ champion made up of the best attributes of all previous winners.

The supercomputer has analysed the strengths, weaknesses and performances of the great and good across tennis history to come up with the ultimate performer at the All-England club.

Skills belonging to both the Williams sisters Serena and Venus feature, while the athleticism of the great Martina Navratolova plays a key role for the ultimate player.

But legendary players Margaret Court and Chris Evert do not get the nod to form part of the perfect women’s player on the grass courts of SW19.

Instead the analytical processes of ChatGPT have opted for seven females who possess the skills to draw on for the ultimate player.

“It was very interesting to see what the results were for the best attributes of all-time for women’s players,” an OLBG spokesperson said. “I thought Serena would be more represented, but then when you think how good her sister Venus was at this tournament, and some of the other players, like Martina Hingis and Steffi Graf, you start to think just how many elite players have been on the grass courts at Wimbledon.

“And of course, you have Billie Jean King as well.”

Winner Romania’s Simona Halep and second placed United States’ Serena Williams, right, pose with their trophies after the women’s singles final match on day twelve of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, Saturday, July 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Serve: Serena Williams

One of the greatest female tennis players, Serena’s powerful serve is known for its speed, accuracy, and ability to generate a high number of aces.

Return: Simona Halep

Halep, who won Wimbledon in 2019, has displayed excellent return skills throughout her career. She possesses a quick and accurate return that often puts pressure on her opponents and allows her to gain an advantage in rallies.

Groundstrokes: Venus Williams

Venus possesses a combination of strength and shot-making ability from both wings.

Movement: Martina Navratilova 

Utilise the speed and agility of the nine-time Wimbledon champion. Navratilova’s quick footwork and court coverage allowed her to dominate on the grass courts.

Mental toughness: Steffi Graf

Draw from the mental resilience and competitive drive of Steffi Graf, who won Wimbledon seven times. Graf was known for her strong mental game and ability to perform under pressure.

Volleying skills: Billie Jean King

The six-time Wimbledon champion’s excellent net skills and precision volleys made her a dominant force in her era.

Grass court expertise: Martina Hingis

The grass court proficiency of Hingis, who was known for her ability to adapt to the surface and display a well-rounded game.