A Number Of Countries Want The 2036 Summer Olympics


If you have money, Thomas Bach wants to talk to you.

In France, the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics is going to cost more to stage than originally anticipated and there are significant security concerns that terrorists may attack the event. The whole Olympics concept is a constant money loser but there are countries ready to host the 2036 Summer Olympics. And that delights the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. “We have never been in such a favorable position. We have never seen such a high level of interest in hosting the Olympic Games,” Bach said.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to host the 2036 Games. Indonesia, India and Turkey also want to host the event. Mexico and Germany who have hosted the Olympics before want the Games.  It appears that Bach’s bid to place the event in “non-traditional” countries is working. Bach claims that countries want the Games because of the reforms that the International Olympic Committee has implemented in the bidding system. Allegedly there is no bidding, instead the International Olympic Committee seeks cities or countries who have an interest in hosting the Olympics instead of having a bidding war. Going after the “non-traditional” hosts means that countries with very poor human rights records like Qatar like Saudi Arabia can land the event because those countries have the money to spend on the Games and there won’t be any criticism of government leaders wasting money and paying off debts for decades after the event leaves town. In Montréal, the aftermath of the 1976 Summer Olympics is still costing local and Québec taxpayers massive amounts of money. The Olympic stadium built for the Montréal Games has had a roof problem and has had one for decades and hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars have been thrown into the repairs that have never worked. There are empty venues used for various Olympics that look like ruins. But countries still want the event.

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