London Is Not Getting A Super Bowl Anytime Soon


Congress may have something to say.

The National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has suggested that his business could one day put a Super Bowl in London, England. Goodell knows that it is not going to happen because Congress will make sure the Super Bowl is played in America. Congress may be totally dysfunctional but there are probably about 500 members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives who will remind Goodell, the 31 NFL owners and the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors that Congress made the present-day NFL in 1966 by allowing the merger of the American Football League and National Football League to proceed. Congress can giveth and Congress could take it away. The NFL could be broken into pieces and Goodell knows that.

Goodell said. “It is not impossible, and it is something that has been discussed before. I think that is not out of the question. But at the end of the day, I think right now our formula will stay the same about playing in cities that have franchises.” There are other factors that are not as influential as getting Congress upset but are equally important starting with television and the time the actual Super Bowl game starts which is at night usually around 6:30 eastern time right in the middle of prime time during the February television sweeps month where advertising rates are set. American TV networks that carry the game want that 6:30 eastern start. If a Super Bowl was to be played in London, it would have to start at 11:30 in the evening local time. The TV partners would not be happy with a 3 o’clock afternoon start on the east coast and a noon time start in the Pacific. It does not seem likely there will be a London Super Bowl in the near future for a variety of reasons.

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