After three weeks, the Premier League relegation battle is shaping up quickly


Each season, when the new Premier League season kicks off, there is optimism for fans around England.

Even in the fanbases of the teams that have come up from the EFL Championship.

This year, though, that early enthusiasm has already started to fade away for a few teams near the bottom of the Premier League table. Luton Town, which has climbed from Non-League obscurity to the top flight in nine seasons, might challenge the 2007-08 Derby County team as the worst of all time, while Sheffield United might not be much better. But three teams will get relegated at the end of the season, and the race for those three spots might also include Everton, which has lost all three of its games so far and has been decimated by injuries and incompetence.

Will it be all three of the newly-promoted teams that go right back down, or will “The Ev”, which has teetered on the precipice for a few years now, finally go over the cliff?

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The Premier League relegation battle for the 2023/2024 season is already shaping up to be intense, with several clubs fighting to avoid the drop. Here are the latest relegation odds and some insights into the chances of each club:

Luton Town – 60.13% chance of relegation

Promoted to the Premier League after a long absence, Luton Town has had a difficult start with a 4-1 defeat to Brighton. They’ll need to adapt quickly to the top-flight challenges to secure their position.

Sheffield United – 62.13% chance of relegation

Also newly promoted, Sheffield United’s Premier League return hasn’t been smooth, with back-to-back losses against Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest, and Manchester City. They will need to turn their performances around to avoid an immediate return to the Championship.

Wolves – 22.78% chance of relegation

Wolves have shown resilience in the early stages of the season, with a 1-0 win against Everton and a 1-1 draw against Fulham. While they aren’t among the favorites for relegation, they’ll still need to maintain their form to ensure safety.

Nottingham Forest – 22.12% chance of relegation

After narrowly avoiding relegation last season, Nottingham Forest has started this season with a mixed record, including a win against Sheffield United and a loss against Manchester United. Their performances will play a key role in determining their fate.

Everton – 43.99% chance of relegation

Despite being an established Premier League side, Everton has struggled at the beginning of the season, suffering three consecutive defeats without scoring a goal. They need to quickly address their form to avoid being dragged into a relegation battle.

Bournemouth – 45.34% chance of relegation

Bournemouth finished 15th last season but is considered among the contenders for relegation this year. They began the season with a win against Fulham but followed it up with a loss to Liverpool. Their performances will be closely monitored.

Burnley – 30.61% chance of relegation

Burnley returned to the Premier League under Vincent Kompany’s management, but they’ve started with a 3-0 defeat against Manchester City and a 3-1 loss to Aston Villa. Their ability to adapt to the top-flight challenges will be crucial.

Fulham – 6.63% chance of relegation

Having experienced promotion and relegation in recent seasons, Fulham knows the challenges well. They began this campaign with a win against Everton, a loss to Brentford, and a draw against Arsenal. Consistency will be key to their survival.

The relegation battle is far from settled, and early-season form doesn’t always dictate the final outcome. Each club will be looking to improve their performances and secure their Premier League status for the coming seasons.

Premier League Relegation Odds via 

Luton 2/5 

Sheffield Utd 21/50 

Everton 11/5 

Wolverhampton 11/4

Bournemouth 3/1

Nottingham Forest 7/2

Burnley 7/2