Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Belarus Wants The 2032 Or 2036 Summer Olympics

Another country wants the Olympics. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko wants the International...

South Korea And Russia’s Japan Grievances And The 2020 Olympics 

It is always something. There are those who really think that the...

Russia Is Upset With Japan’s Plans For The Olympics Torch Relay

Politics prevail. Russia thinks Japan is politicizing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics....

Is San Diego A Big League City? Maybe Not Anymore

San Diego is losing events. Here is a question for San...

Geopolitics And International Policy May Sink FIFA’s Planned 2022 Work Cup...

Middle East politics and the World Cup. The United States men’s...

The Chase For The 2032 Summer Olympics Has Begun

And they are off.   North Korea wants it, South Korea wants it. Indonesia wants it. They all want to host the 2032 Summer Olympics. For...

FIFA Erases The Word Corruption From Its Ethics Code

If a company is under investigation by authorities in the United States and Switzerland for corruption, it probably is not the smartest thing for that company to update its ethics code and remove the word corruption and add defamation to the document.

Russia Wins Over The Heads Of FIFA And The IOC

That Vladimir Putin must be quite the charmer. The Russian President is back in the good graces of the head of soccer’s governing body, FIFA, and the President of the International Olympic Committee.

Where Do World Cup Fans Meet? At Stalin’s Secret Bunker

Joseph Stalin's secret bunker has become the unlikely meeting point for thousands of fans who have descended on the Russian city of Samara during the World Cup.

Geo-Political Concerns Could Trump Money In World Cup Selection

The governing body of global soccer, FIFA is meeting in Hungary with just one pressing topic on the group’s agenda. Have the United 2026 and Morocco 2026 World Cup bids progressed enough that the two bids can be considered on June 13 and that FIFA can award the 2026 World Cup on that date in a meeting in Moscow, Russia.
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