Saturday, June 10, 2023

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NFL’s Cardinals Ownership Goes In All In Betting

The league was against betting but embraced it. When Arizona Cardinals customers get to see the team play its first regular season home game in...

Telltale Signs that a Horse is a Winner

Like any other sport out there, there is no surefire way for a person to accurately predict a game's outcome. It doesn't matter how...

Cuban Says Every Sports Team’s Value Just Doubled

"Mark, in a very short e-mail to me, said 'Everyone who owns a top 4 professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double.'"  Those were the words of Jim Williams, sports media expert and columnist for on the Rock Riley Show Monday afternoon.  

The Preakness Stakes Could Be On The Move In 2021

The race may be moved soon. The clock is ticking. The Preakness, the middle race of Thoroughbred Racing’s Triple Crown will take place...

The Absolute Madness Starts But There Is No Cloud Over The...

Grey skies are going to clear up.   The madness starts as the first game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s Basketball Tournament is on...

March Madness Is Here In Statehouses Around The Country

Betting time.   It is March and in the American sports world, it means the college basketball tournament is approaching and that should mean betting and...

NCAA Should Quit The Student-Athlete Fable

Shamateurism at its finest.   As March Madness continues, the NCAA has a big problem because of its insistence that college athletes should not be paid....

Its All About Betting Madness In March

it is all about the betting.   Beware the Ides of March if you run a company whose employees catch a case of March Madness. The...

Las Vegas Will Tell You If the NFL Is In Trouble

Watch the Nevada sports books.   The National Football League’s crown jewel event is taking place in Minneapolis as the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia...

Pat And John Are Gone, NFL2017 Includes Real Life

The shield is dented. It must not be all that easy for some to be a fan of the National Football League anymore. It used...