Salt Lake City Will Be Getting The 2034 Winter Olympics


Salt Lake City backers claim no public money will be used in presenting the Games but that is not true.

The people who want to bring the 2034 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City and the mountains of Utah presented their case to hold the Olympics before the International Olympic Committee in what really was a charade. Salt Lake City is the only bidder for the event so the backers did not need to humiliate themselves before this international group that leaves economic devastation in local communities after four weeks of athletic events take place. But the IOC had its sham meeting with the Salt Lake City backers and the people from Utah said guess what. We do not need to use public funding for the event.

The International Olympic Committee’s Future Host Commission then officially recommended Salt Lake City be selected to stage the 2034 Winter Games. The IOC had no choice, no one was interested in their party in 2034 and in fact, the IOC is having a good number of problems finding a home for its 2030 winter gala as France is not yet ready to commit to spending billions on the IOC 2030 party. Salt Lake City backers claim they do not need public money to stage the contest. The Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games has a $2.83 billion operating budget and claims the project will be 100 percent privately funded. But the Utah State Legislature has already approved funding to upgrade venues and other infrastructure projects. Then there is the matter of security. Is the local bid committee paying for all the security needs for hosting an Olympics or will American taxpayers be on the hook for the tab to fund all the security agencies protecting the Olympics. Salt Lake City backers acknowledge that the Federal Government will spend money on the Games which means Utah residents are paying for the Games.

Salt Lake City hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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